Protection of Vulnerable Adults - POVA Course

Osmosis Training Ltd has developed an online training and assessment tool to meet POVA training and induction requirements provided by Skills For Care.

Skills for Care - The 'Sign Off'

Skills for Care require each worker to undertake an induction for each new work place.

Skills for Care provide that 'When the manager is satisfied that a new worker has met all the outcomes within the Common Induction Standards, it is their responsibility to sign off the induction as complete.'
Skills for care also state 'Each outcome in the induction standards will therefore need to be broken down into one or more specific questions that assess the new worker's knowledge and understanding about the content of that standard'. 
The Osmosis Training sessions do provide an assessment tool that provides specific questions against each outcome of the induction standards.

Charges for POVA and CIS Training

Osmosis Training offers the POVA training course for the cost of 10+ vat per candidate. We know that our charges are considerably lower than our competitors. We know of one company that is charging over 40 for the POVA training session alone!
However please do not be under the impression that our training is in anyway inferior. This represents our goal to offer all training required under the common inductions standards for a one off charge of 20 per candidate.
The other common induction standards are on their way.

How the Osmosis Training POVA session works

1. The worker is allocated an online session by the Osmosis Control Panel (we will show you how to use this easy system)
2. The worker logs in to their training session and completes the work book as they progress through the session.
Please note the worker can log off and back in at anytime even half way through a session.
3. As the worker completes sections of the session they will be asked to answer questions as they progress. They can use their work book to answer the questions.

Click here to download the POVA work book

The worker and the management can review any incorrect answers.
4. Once the worker has undertaken all the sessions they can be allocated the 'A to Z' assessment that is a final assessment tool.
5. Once the worker has undertaken all the above elements they can discuss their learning with the manager using their workbook, online question answers and their feedback regarding the 'A to Z' obstacle course assessment tool.
These tools should allow the manager to 'sign off' the worker.
Where the manager requires they can allocate the worker any element of the session again free of charge!
Undergo our free trial for POVA Training

 Please use the following link to contact Osmosis Training. We promise to provide a number of free POVA courses for your candidates dependent on the size and type of your organisation without an ongoing obligation.

To contact Osmosis Training regarding POVA training please click here

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